Expert Gemologist

Janet Meadows has pursued every aspect of the gemstone and jewelry industry taking her to the far reaches of the globe including Bangkok, Brazil, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and Jaipur. Every experience along the way has added unique insights to her continually evolving expertise. From procuring gems at their source, to cutting and trading. And with jewelry, from design to production. With these vast experiences behind, and a scintillating future ahead, our company was founded to facilitate the joyous experience of bringing a jewel and its rightful owner together.

Janet Meadows is a noted jewelry and gem expert with over 10 years of jewelry business experience. She has combined her real world experience with education over the years to offer gemstone advisory services: Jewelry appraisals, consultation, both pre-purchase and post-purchase, expert advice and informal mediation in the areas of precious metal, jewelry, diamonds and colored gems